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Contact your trustee

Thank you for helping us advocate for clean indoor air in Ontario schools! 

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Our step-by-step guide makes it easy to start engaging with your school board trustee about school safety. Fill out the fields below and click 'Generate!' to get started.

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Step 1

Contact your school board trustee to arrange a discussion about improving indoor air quality in schools.



Customize your letter then copy the contents or click 'send' to send with your default mail client.

Step 2

Prepare key points and questions for your exchange. Below are some sample talking points to get you started.

Sample points

My child[ren]/I missed a lot of school last year due to illnesses.


I have read that many respiratory illnesses can be transmitted person-to-person by aerosols which can be suspended in a room for hours, much like smoke.

Schools can improve air quality and reduce the transmission of illness by running available HEPA filters, encouraging families to keep students home if unwell and moving as many activities outdoor as possible, assuming the outdoor air is safe.

I believe that clean, healthy air is a right for my [child(ren)] in school and I have read research that says that:

  • Improved ventilation and indoor air quality in schools results in better academic performance, better focus and attention

  • Improved ventilation helps reduce C02 levels which in high concentration can cause drowsiness and fatigue

  • Improving indoor air quality results in a reduction in respiratory illnesses and student absences

  • Wildfire smoke is not only extremely harmful to inhale but studies are beginning to show that it can also exacerbate transmission and the severity of respiratory illnesses

Additional Resources

Sample Questions

What has [School Board] done so far to improve the air quality and reduce virus transmission to keep students and teachers healthy? How have these efforts been measured and monitored?


How is air quality and virus transmission managed during school assemblies, gym classes and in libraries, cafeterias and lunch rooms and on school buses?

How is air indoor air quality managed when outdoor air is unsafe due to pollution or wildfire smoke? Is there a policy or plan?

Has the board implemented or are there plans plans to implement OSPE's recommendations for improved air quality that include schools and school busses?

Does the board have plans to implement recommendations in ASHRAE 241 that sets out minimum requirements to reduce transmission of infectious diseases in indoor environments, including schools?

Would you support advocating for improved government funding and board policies to improve air quality in your capacity as a School Board Trustee?

The Waterloo District School Board Trustees recently put forward a notice of motion to strike an ad hoc committee to develop an Indoor Air Quality policy. Would you be willing to consider working towards something similar?

Step 3

Follow-up with any resources or answers to any questions and summarize the actions or information you expect from the trustee.



Customize your letter then copy the contents or click 'send' to send with your default mail client.

Then spread the word!

Share this package with a friend and encourage them and show them how easy it is to advocate for safe schools.

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