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KJ's Story

My almost 10-year-old son has acquired Covid 3 times at school in the past 9 months. We are a family that is fully vaccinated and mask-wearing.

After our kids brought Covid home in February 2022, I developed long Covid.

Why does that matter? My son’s father died in October 2019, and I’m his only parent, and he brought Covid home to me.

I am privileged enough to work from home and can afford quality masks. We stayed home whenever we could. We understand that we are privileged in that regard. But despite taking every reasonable precaution, it seems impossible to escape infection.

My child’s initial Covid infection wasn’t “that bad,” but since them, he’s been more susceptible to every illness, and he gets sicker each and every time. His body needs to heal, but it can’t keep up to the amount of virus out there.

He is 1 of 2 kids in his 5th-grade class that wears a mask.

No teacher or adult in their school mask.

No one in the school or board care about this. The only service offered is rapid tests I can request from the principal, but that won’t stop him from getting infected in the first place.

I send my kid to school every day wondering if this is the day I will regret; the day where he gets Covid again and doesn’t recover.

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