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MM's Story

My daughter has pulmonary valve stenosis and the Ford government has forced her into isolation in order to protect her health.

Our daughter is 7. Having been born with pulmonary valve stenosis, she is considered ‘chronically ill’ and regularly missed school due to having chronic Pneumonia – even before Covid.

In the best of times, my daughter’s condition prevents her from doing many physical things like playing outside during the cold days or extended physical activity as it could trigger a bout of pneumonia. She already missed out on so much even before Covid, but since March 13th 2020, she’s missed out on everything.

My daughter is way too vulnerable to have her in school, especially since Doug Ford’s removal of Covid Safety Mandates.

In order to make sure that my daughter doesn’t acquire a virus that could cause significant damage to her, we now have to homeschool not only her but her sibling full time (the sibling can’t risk getting Covid at school and bringing it home to my daughter). I’ve had to quit my job to accommodate homeschooling which means we’re relying on social services for incoming.

Schools are not safe for all kids, my kid especially. As a result, we have been forced into isolation while also needing to rely on social services. This could have been avoided had the government actually made schools safe.

Nobody should have to school between their child’s health and keeping a roof over their heads.

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