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Press Release: Ontario School Safety Calls on Province for Immediate Funding to Improve Air Quality in Schools and Buses Amid Measles Outbreaks

Toronto, Ontario – [March 7th, 2024] – In an urgent appeal to protect the health and safety of Ontario’s students, education workers, and families, Ontario School Safety (OSS) has issued an open letter asking the Ontario Provincial Government for immediate action to prevent the spread of measles. This critical request comes in the wake of concerning measles infection reports from multiple public health units, emphasizing the need for swift governmental response to safeguard public health within educational environments.

The letter outlines a comprehensive plan, urging the government to fund improvements and public education campaigns on vaccination and clean indoor air. This plan requires ventilation and filtration upgrades, CO2 monitoring systems, and free N95/KN95 respirators (masks). These initiatives underscore the importance of creating a safer, healthier learning environment that reduces the spread of airborne diseases posing serious risks to students, teachers, and the wider community.

“Ensuring the health and safety of our students, education workers, and vulnerable community members is paramount,” stated Kate Laing, Chair of the Board for Ontario School Safety. “Improving air quality is not just about the current measles outbreaks; it’s about taking proactive, long-term measures to protect everyone from all airborne illnesses, and being able to address future public health concerns efficiently and equitably — while keeping schools open safely.”

Ontario School Safety is rallying public support, encouraging the community to voice their support for indoor air quality improvements in schools and on school buses. OSS believes that collective action can prompt the provincial government to prioritize the health and well-being of its youngest citizens and those who dedicate their lives to educating them.

The open letter concludes with a plea for urgent dialogue between OSS representatives and government officials to discuss the proposed funding and implementation strategy. Ontario School Safety remains committed to working alongside the government and educational stakeholders to expedite the deployment of necessary health and safety measures.

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Kate Laing

Chair of the Board

Ontario School Safety

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