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Clean Air Day

We have a quick update for you on this important day.

Clean Air Day

“In the classroom and on the school bus, every breath counts. At Ontario School Safety, we are dedicated to advocating for clean indoor air for all students, staff, and bus drivers. On this Clean Air Day, let's commit to ensuring every future leader has clean air to breathe.”

— Ryan Tennant, member of Ontario School Safety

Today, Wednesday, June 5, is Clean Air Day. For this occasion our allies at Safe Air, Safe Schools have created a newsletter for school administrators, teachers and parents. Please share this Clean Air Day Newsletter with your local principal, teacher, or school board trustee to promote Clean Air Day and the benefits of clean air in schools.

You can also access our new Clean Air Checkerboard Fact Sheet here.

Donations welcome

If you believe like we do that every child has a right to breathe clean, healthy air in schools and on school buses, please donate to our cause. Your contributions allow us to continue to raise awareness on the issue of indoor air quality and support our planned legal challenge to push the government to improve air quality in schools and on school buses.

If you already contributed to our Freedom of Information (FOI) fees fundraiser, please read this update and accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation!

To read our May legal challenge update, you can visit this webpage.

You can also catch up on all of our legal and fundraising updates at our GoFundMe page.

On Clean Air Day, let’s all commit to taking action and raising awareness to ensure that our kids, teens and their teachers and support staff have access to healthy indoor air at school. Together, we will make a difference.


Ontario School Safety

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