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May 2024 Legal Update

Below is an update posted to our GoFundMe on May 9th:

Dear Donors and Friends,

As you may recall, last June, Ontario School Safety (OSS) and Dr. Douglas Elliott held a joint press conference on Clean Air Day at Queen’s Park. Together we announced that OSS had retained Dr. Elliott and Cambridge LLP to advise us on our legal options. This announcement also put the Ontario Government ‘on notice’ that we’re serious about holding them accountable for addressing indoor air quality in schools and on school buses.

Thanks to your donations, we were able to get advice, information and develop essential connections. We now have a much better sense of our next steps, including what kind of applicants we need, potential expert witnesses to contact, and important legal research to undertake. While we continue to make progress on these fronts, we’re also building a network of legal experts willing to donate their time to take us across the finish line.

Ontario School Safety is also working hard to win the hearts and minds of the public so that everyone will see that clean indoor air is better for everyone.

So stay tuned for more updates – this Friday, May 10, we’ll be sharing an important initiative we need your help on!

With gratitude,

Dr. Heather Hanwell, Treasurer

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Ontario School Safety

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